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Ashtar Tashi offers her time and experience to many people across the globe through interesting Retreats and Workshops. These are curated specially in formats to serve as Live Experiences or even Online Sessions over a few hours to a couple of days.

There are a host of modules that are offered by Ashtar Tashi in these experiences.

Ranging from simple modules like Meditations , Affirmations and Art Therapy to intense sessions on Chakra and Color Therapy, Energy Clearance, Crystal Therapy and lots more. These workshops invite participants from different age groups and backgrounds so that each one takes away valuable learnings and growth experiences from these sessions.

Each Retreat & Workshop is curated with special meditations, activities and some surprise element that the participants gain from, immensely.

Ashtar Tashi has curated special Retreats and Workshops for Media Professionals, Corporates, Homemakers, Industrialists, students and Senior Citizens.

Hotels such as ITC, Hilton etc have invited Ashtar Tashi to curate retreats for their guests and so have Wellness Retreats such as Naad Wellness and others.

Tashi has also curated Online Retreats for elite social/corporate groups such as  the EO and the YPO etc.

Retreats and Workshops are an ongoing activity that Ashtar Tashi offers and these can be created as special Off-Site and On-Site events. Besides, these can also be curated for private family celebrations as a wellness experience. Online Retreats are another successful way of introducing mental, emotional and spiritual wellness to work teams in various management levels of small large companies/hotels and other corporate organisations that believe in raising the consciousness and SQ & EQ of their employees.

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