Expectations cease when surrender happens.
Without surrender expectations keep raising themselves for attention. Each moment is surrendered and then allows itself to flow freely- without the bondage of expectations. Be it from people from situations, or the Universe and our Creator.

When we remember ourselves as co-creators of all that we experience, all that we are, then the wheel of judgment stops. Judgment when stopped also stops the cycle of expectations, blame & thus pain of any kind. Let those around you be accepted in grace of whoever they are. You are not above them or they below you.

If there’s no difference but only Oneness, then question of expectations doesn’t arise. Because before you can have any expectations from them, you shall have to figure out if you can fulfill the same yourself. Give everyone a break, including your self. Do not put anyone on a pedestal or on the guillotine-for in both cases, expectation is the killer.
Accept, acknowledge and embrace yourself and those around you for what each one is.

When you see yourselves in others and others in you, the oneness of it all should keep you safe from the sword of expectations. The sword of expectations that not only hurts knowingly or unknowingly the one you hold it against, but also hurts you for you are holding it so tight with the intention of hurting and harming yourself and the one it is intended for.

Surrender your expectations, knowing well that we are all one, the hurt, the anger or guilt when it arises, is the same for all of us.

If you expect an answer from another, first answer the question yourself, that if put in the same situation, how would you behave or react. Watch yourself every moment and see where you turn your sword of expectations and towards whom.

Every time this sword hurts someone, be aware that you are hurting yourself too.

Keep Flowing!
Keep Shining!®

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  • Pranali

    November 3, 2020 - 6:15 pm

    Your wisdom is most needed in this moment of my life. Thankyou 🙏

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