When was the last time you walked barefoot on grass? Well, if you are that lucky person who enjoys walking and connecting with earth energies then you would know the joy of doing so. For those of you who haven’t done that till now, I would recommend this very highly. So, all you need for this beautiful experience are your two feet and of course, grass to walk on. Get to anyplace where there is a patch of green and take those shoes off immediately. Stand tall on the soft carpet of lush green earth and take a deep breath. That first breath will liberate you from all your stress. Immediately.

The earth is known as our mother and we stand on her bosom, every day, every minute of every day. The energies of earth are what we beings are most connected to and yet we are unaware of this connection. It is said that we are made from dust and to dust we shall return. Hence, grounding ourselves with the energies of earth is the most essential aspect of our beingness.

So, the next step should be to sit on this ground and touch it with both your palms. Touch firmly and close your eyes while you do so. You will feel the warm & soft heart of the earth. Feel your pulse running through the earth now and feel it reverberate back to you. Keep breathing deeply and with every breath start humming a deep resonant sound. Feel this resonance go into the earth and travel back to you. Through your palms, your arms and into your chest. To the very core of your existence. Keep doing this as long as you wish. You are being filled with the pure love of mother earth and you are sharing your love with her. What a beautiful connection this is. Nothing like you have felt before.

Now stand up and feel the earth beneath your feet. There is a comfort in knowing that there is place that belongs to you and you belong to this place on earth. The grass feels soft under your feet and all tiredness gets released. Its replaced by a gentle caress that gives relief from any pain or distress your feet have been experiencing. Now breathe deeply and stretch your arms up and then down. Stretch them wide and bring them close to you again. Keep doing this and feel your self expand. Close your eyes and say a prayer of gratitude to mother earth for taking your weight upon her and thank her for the love she shares with you from her very core.

Now start walking. In complete awareness. Now you know the rhythm of the divine that pulsates through every inch of the earth that you have just felt, touched and breathed with. Feel it. Breathe it. Live it. Keep walking.

The Root Chakra, also called the Muladhara is the one that requires maximum stability in our lives. Walking barefoot on Mother Earth is one activity that instantly helps the energy of our mind, body and spirit to get grounded.

So, when is the last time you walked barefoot on grass?

Happy Walking!
Happy Connecting with Self!
Keep Shining! ®

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