Since we create every situation we desire, we must take full responsibility for the same. It is a part of us – the thought, word, action and also the results of the same. If we follow the thought, word and action and shun away the responsibility of its consequences then we are separating ourselves from the experience and we are not enjoying the experience in its entirety.
The experience maybe a pleasant one or an unhappy one. The fact of the matter remains that it has to be fulfilled.

It may carry the energy of fear, anxiety, joy or peace. Whatever it may be, it is an experience that we have chosen in a conscious or unconscious state of our mind and it has to be followed through.

If you play a game of golf or tennis, your shot however excellent it may be when you started, without a follow through it will be an incomplete one and will not give you the result of a “good shot” that you are playing for. To play the game was your choice so getting a good result from it is as much your responsibility too.
Similarly, your thought and word, it’s resulting action and the consequence is all what you must stand for and take full responsibility for all of it.

When we run away from an experience or pull away from it mid-way, we won’t get the sense of fulfillment we desire and will be left wanting. That wasn’t our intent in the first place. So if we observe our desires that we wish to fulfill, it is imperative that we first look at the intent we make to achieve it. Once we know our true intent then we must move forward into a space of mind which allows us the full ability to manifest what we wish to achieve.

This space of mind is nothing but the mind-set, order and process that we wish to follow to get what we desire. When we prepare for an examination, we need the full syllabus and a study plan based on time allotment that we follow to be able to complete the portions, which we will be questioned on in the examination. We have to follow a time bound schedule and a desire you succeed pushes us to follow through the whole process. Once we get the understanding of the topics and how to go about approaching the study plan, we are able to achieve our targets in the stipulated time. This ensures our success in the examination.

So where did it all start from? Of course, from our intent and desire to follow through the process with absolute awareness and working to the best of our capability.

The same holds true for every experience of our life.
Every experience in our life is not an examination, nevertheless, all situations need our thorough understanding about what our intent is behind that experience, how we wish to approach it if we want to accomplish completeness in it.

So it is with our soul’s human experience.
We as souls have made the intent to experience a human life. Here we are… The intent is made correctly for our soul’s growth. Then what? Now we must proceed by observing the paths in front of us. Making the correct choices and move forward by following through our actions in the right direction. This all may seem like too much to do in one shot. Sure. We have chosen a whole lifetime to be in this school and if we look at every moment with conscious awareness, we will be able to follow the process and fulfill our life’s destiny. No one can stop us then from passing out with flying colors!

Keep Experiencing!
Keep Shining! ®

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