There are many ways to seek color in your life. But nothing beats the joy of coloring itself when it comes to adding vibrant hues to your moods. I discovered the joy of coloring one a driving holiday through Europe a few years ago. We stopped at a gas station to refuel and refresh. I was just browsing through the books section in the store and came across theses amazing “adult” coloring books. Well, there was nothing adult about them, but just the fact that the images inside were not plain kitties and clowns. Instead there were some beautiful intricate patterns that “adults” would find interesting enough to color.

The book I selected was called Savannah and as the name suggests had the most fascinating outline drawings of the wildlife of the jungles. Cheetahs, lions, antelopes, parakeets, in all their glory and also my forever favorites, the dragonflies. There’s just something so magical about all these images that immediately transported me to the actual Savannahs. So next thing I bought was a couple of sets of color pencils & sketch pens. Completely armored with the supplies I was set to start the new phase of my old life. (with my background in fashion design, it felt like going back to my roots)

Little did I know that this time around, the coloring would be a different process. It started as a throwback to my fashion design days and totally took a turnaround, as it became a meditative process. The energy shift was palpable. My hands just reached out to the color boxes as if on their own accord and my fingers just held these beings of magic in their grip as they touched the paper and just flowed. It was nothing short of a surreal experience.

I haven’t moved away from this process since then. It’s my “go-to” place whenever I wish to be in silence and connect with my higher consciousness. There is a stillness that speaks to you through these colors and patterns. That is for you to recognize. The images have since then changed because I have bought many more such coloring books. Japanese patterns, birds, marine life and many more adorn my shelves and so do new packs of more high quality coloring materials.

The whole idea now is to keep meditating and creating opportunities for the mind to unwind. For the heart to feel more elevated and the spirit to soar with joy and freedom. Every time a small patch of colored pattern emerges, it seems like a message from the divine, that yes, we have been given colors for our souls and its up to us which ones we wish to highlight and bring back some magic into our lives. Silently.

Find some nice coloring books on the following sites:

Look for coloring book titles such as:
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All of these titles and many more are available on as well.

Happy Colouring!
Happy Connecting with Self!
Keep Shining! ®

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